Review: ‘Shear Madness,’ Where Getting a Haircut Is Murder

"An audience pleaser as fresh as the latest news cycle!
Filled with plenty of silliness, sly double entendres and an astonishingly durable, inclusive spirit of fun, Shear Madness is genuinely all-ages entertainment! The guy behind me [was] helpless with laughter!"

NBC: Must-See Shows Under $100

Shear Madness featured on NBC
A night at the theater doesn't have to break the bank. Raina visits a few shows that are fun, interactive and all under $100.


"So giddily funny it’s infectious!
There's a reason Shear Madness is a long-running hit: it’s genuinely funny!"

“An absurdly enjoyable, uproarious experience!
A killer time will be had by all!"

"Consistently entertaining and often downright hilarious!"

‘Shear Madness,’ Detoured by Success, Is Ready for Its New York City Debut

In the end, the pope won out over “Game of Thrones.”

It was the second day of rehearsal of “Shear Madness,” a zany little whodunit that happens to be the longest-running play in America but is about to open in New York City for the first time, and the cast and the directing team were mulling over their scripts in a Midtown Manhattan office.

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